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Any Road Will Take You There

Your Price: $14.00
Author: David W. Berner 
Trade Paperback, 8.5" x 5.5" 
242 pages 
ISBN: 9780988439092 

 In the best tradition of the great American memoir, Any Road Will Take You There is honest, unflinching, and tender. A middle-age father takes the reader on a five-thousand-mile road trip, the one he always wished he’d taken as a young man. Recently divorced and uncertain of the future, he rereads the iconic road story - Jack Kerouac’s On the Road - and along with his two sons and his best friend, heads for the highway to rekindle his spirit. However, a family secret turns the cross-country journey into an unexpected examination of his role as a father, and compels him to look to the past and the fathers who came before him to find contentment and clarity, and celebrate the struggles and triumphs of being a dad.

What others are saying:

Hoffer Award Grand Prize Finalist

Chicago Writers Association "Book of the Year" Award Winner 

Book Readers Appreciation Group "Medallion" Honoree Award Winner

"Full of humor, vulnerability, and grace." – Scott Whitehair, Chicago’s This Much is True

"Honest, raw, shameless. If On the Road is for a generation lost, Any Road Will
Take You There is for a generation looking to be found." – Janna Marlies Maron, Editor & Publisher, Under the Gum Tree

"A heartwarming journey." – Randy Richardson, Cheeseland

"A beautiful reflection on fathers and sons, tempered dreams, and the imperfect ties that bind us." – Mary T. Wagner, Running with Stilettos

"This long-coveted road trip reignites the desire in all of us to connect with the people we love. Jack would have loved this story!" – Michael Robinson, The Kerouac Project, Orlando, FL.

"A thoughtful, touching, and at times heartbreaking account of the struggles of fatherhood, career, marriage, and the death of a parent." – David Katzman, A Greater Monster

"Berner's memories and stories about his father, his sons, his failings and successes, and how the journey is the most telling and important piece of our lives may just inspire you to take a trip of your own." – L.E. Schwaller, Windy City Reviews (read the full review HERE)

About the Author

David W. Berner is a journalist, broadcaster, writer, and teacher. His first book, Accidental Lessons was awarded the Royal Dragonfly Grand Prize for Literature. His stories have been published in a number of literary magazines and journals, and his broadcast reporting and audio documentaries have aired on the CBS Radio Network and dozens of public radio stations across America. Chicago is his home.

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