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Dream of Things is not currently accepting unsolicited submissions. 

In the past, we accepted unsolicited submissions year-round. Going forward, we will have one or more submission "windows" each year, during which we will accept unsolicited submissions. Please subscribe to our newsletter or visit this page at a later date to be informed about submission windows. In the meantime, thank you very much for your interest in Dream of Things.

Note about how we operate: We sometimes get asked, "How much will it cost to publish my book?" The answer with Dream of Things is, "Nothing." Dream of Things is not a vanity press. (If a publisher asks you to pay part or all of the cost of publishing your book, they are a vanity publisher.) When Dream of Things selects a work for publication, we will work with you on edits, and we will handle publication and distribution of your book -- all at no cost to you. We will simultaneously develop a publicity campaign to actively promote your book for about six months following publication. After that, we will continue to promote your book opportunistically and in response to inquiries. In addition, we can offer advice and suggestions on how you can promote your book.