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The Note

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Praise for The Note (4.27 stars on 

"The Note is a perfect little book full of sentimental value reminding us of the power of a handwritten letter, a notecard or the process of communication without an email or text message. In a culture full of fast-paced technology and no time for anything, O'Mary's book is a sweet reminder to stop, send a note and be in touch with the people we love, or even someone who has made a difference in our lives. This book also inspired the Note Project, which encourages people to spread appreciation and positivity. I think this would be a lovely book to use as a gift in hospitality baskets, welcome kits, school fundraisers or church functions."

"This is a touching book. After reading it, you feel compelled to pick up pen and paper and really say thank you to someone. At times it's difficult to put your thoughts on paper, and the author does a great job of breaking it down step-by-step to make you feel less self-conscious while doing so." --The Sunday Book Review

"What a beautiful work by Mike O'Mary. This is heartfelt and sincere. It makes you feel good and inspires you to do good for others. This is a very good book to gift to someone, but I am hanging on to my copy! The book is beautifully bound and printed. Great quality paper and beautiful pictures. All around impressive. I would highly recommend this book to absolutely anyone." --Viking Gypsy,

"What a beautiful book! This book inspires you to reach out the old-fashioned way to everyone who has made a difference in your life! It has a place on the bedside table of my guest room." --Patricia Pickett,

"It's a very special book." --Jim Barnes, Awards Director, Living Now Book Awards

More About The Note 
ISBN 978-0-9825794-0-4 
6.75" x 6.75" hardcover
88 pages with 30 photos

Named Best Gift Book of 2011 in the Living Now Book Awards, The Note is a wonderful book about the power of appreciation and how a simple note can change a person's life. 

The first half of the book tells the true story of a note of appreciation that the author received from his little sister, thanking him for a kindness he had performed years before. He had all but forgotten about the event, but his sister's note brought back powerful memories and healed years of doubt. The story behind that note will break your heart, but by the time you finish reading, your heart will be mended and filled with warmth. 

The second half of the book focuses on the importance of showing appreciation -- including the reasons (i.e., "excuses") that people don't always take time to write thank you notes, and the many benefits of showing appreciation. The book also includes step-by-step advice on “Writing a Heartfelt Note" and examples of moving notes, all of which combine to make the act of writing a note easier and less-intimidating for adults who have gotten out of the habit of saying "thank you" with a note, and for young people who are just learning to share their feelings in writing.

The powerful and ultimately uplifting message of The Note is that a simple note of appreciation can change a person’s life and create positive feelings that ripple outwards and touch an ever-expanding circle of people--including all who read this book. Purchase a copy for someone you care about today! 

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